Rogers 4-Man MOD Football Blocking Sled


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Rogers 4-Man MOD Sled

For over 35 years, the Mod Sled has been America's favorite training tool. Putting a Mod Sled on your practice field is a decision that will be in the "win column" now and for years to come.

The unique spring action, correct pad angle, and modular versatility have helped thousands of players perfect game-winning blocking skills. For the offensive line, the Mod Sled is ideal for drive and zone blocking. Run drills to improve pass protection and combination blocks. Advance through the sled to block the second level or to set up screen passes. On defense, practice the correct stance and motions to physically play the blocker. Run repetitions of linebacker separation drills and goal-line stands. Invert the pad for form-tackle drills.

Blocking Sled Features

  • Modular design allows easy upgrading by adding links and runners to your current Mod Sled setup.
  • Heavy weight increases realism of blocking drills.
  • Energy-absorbing material responds to individual effort developing good foot base a must in order to compress the unique spring mechanism and drive the sled.
  • Ground-hugging framework allows players to run through on defensive drills.
  • Develops good technique for both offensive and defensive players.
  • Several different types of pads are adaptable to the Mod Sled. Pads attach with a single pin so pad won’t rise or twist when hit.
  • Mod Sled optional accessories are Pivoting Pad Adapter, Coach’s Platform, and Mod Sled Wheel Kit.
    • Pivoting Pad Adapter allows the pad to rotate horizontally providing a more realistic situation for practice.
    • The mod Sled Wheel Kit is for moving the Mod Sled more easily or for storage.
    • The Coach’s Platform allows the coach to watch the force and technique of each player as they use the Mod Sled. It also adds weight to increase leg drive difficulty.
  • End Caps welded -not riveted- on so they can’t fall off and prevent water damage.
  • Flat runners minimize grass and artificial turf wear.
  • Weight (w/o pads) & Width:
    • 3-7 man = + 215 lbs (98 kg) each; W. + 54” (137 cm) each


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