Rogers Athletic Pro Pop Up Football Tackle Sled


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Pro Pop Up Football Tackle Sled

Product Description

Get more reps for each player in a shorter period of time when practicing tackling on the Rogers Pop-up Tackle Sled. Practice engaging the Sled at full speed, wrapping up, driving back and tackling it to the ground.

  • Once tackled to the ground, the Sled rebounds to the hitting position, ready for the next player.
  • Automotive-type shock absorber within a coil spring retains the player's impact with the pad in a more realistic way than with a leaf spring.
  • The sled's on-field weight is 240 pounds, so extra weights or sandbags are not needed.

Includes your choice of Wrap-up or Cylinder Pad.

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  • We just need a new shield for our 1 man. What are the price’s?

    Hello, the ROGERS ATHLETIC PRO POP UP FOOTBALL TACKLE SLED is currently at $2,738.