Siboasi Tennis Ball Launcher Thrower Machine T1600

Siboasi Tennis Ball Launcher Thrower Machine T1600

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Tennis Ball Launcher Thrower Machine T1600

This is the most advanced battery operated tennis ball machine for professional players to replicate various ball return scenarios to focus on core elements of their game.


  • Smart LCD remote control with full function (speed, frequency, horizontal angle, spin)
  • You can realize different modes of training by intelligent programming.
  • internal battery with large capacity can last 7-8 hours which allows you to have fun when playing tennis.
  • Remote control different vertical and horizontal elevation, arbitrary choice of placement
  • Random function
  • 6 kinds of top and back spin adjustment
  • Remote control different horizontal elevation of two line function (wide, middle, narrow)
  • One button to choose four kinds of cross-line ball
  • One button to choose different horizontal ball.
  • One button to choose different vertical elevation ball.
  • LCD display of battery level on the machine
  • Capacity:160pcs balls