Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

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Model Options

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Player Tennis Ball Machine

Ahead of its time, the Spinshot Player tennis ball machine is the best battery operated tennis ball machine on the market. Easily program height, direction, spin and speed to create your own custom drills! 

The Spinshot Player comes with 12 preprogrammed drills that offer a full variety of shot positions to help you work on your game, but feel free to customize your drills to your liking! 

The Player by Spinshot now features a mobile application that allows you to control the Player tennis machine right from your phone! 

Easy programming enables you can make 2-line drill at any width and any height. You can make vertical oscillation with combined horizontal oscillation, or whatever oscillation mode you want to play with.

All these can be made on your phone and saved into the machine. Next time when using the machine, just press the drill # button you require and start your game. 

The Player model was developed to be incredibly user friendly and can be operated by even the youngest of players.

Phone Based Remote Control

Easily sync your iPhone or Android to your Spinshot Player with the Player mobile app.

The all new mobile app makes customizing drills a breeze! 


Tennis Ball Machine Speed

Spinshot Player can deliver balls up to 110kmph and with top spin, this can be adjusted right down to 30kmph to mimic all kinds of shots.

 Tennis Ball Feed Control

Ball feed rate is controllable from 2 seconds to 10 seconds every shot. Dejam feature has been designed in the machine.

 Ball Trajectory / Height Control

Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable.

Spin Control

Electronically adjustable for different degrees of back and top spin. Mastery of top and back spin is what separates the average player from a champion!


Oscillation Programming

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine will allow you to program different oscillation parameters to customise your own court drills. You can program the spin, speed and shots in different oscillation modes.


Power Input

The tennis ball machine's battery can support 2-3 hours of play. It won't quit until you're ready to stop. Simply charge after each use and it's ready to go.

The machine will be shipped with a battery charger that is compatible with our 12V batteries. The smart design of the power cage and removal of the battery cover makes it extremely easy to install the battery or upgrade your machine to an AC supply.

Tennis Ball Capacity

The foldable ball hopper holds over 120 balls.

Watch the Spinshot Player vs Plus2 comparison! 

Machine Dimensions & Weight

  • 50CM(H)
  • 50CM(L)
  • 35CM(W)
  • 19kg for the AC model
  • 21kg for the battery model

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
William E
A game changer

The Spin Shot Player has performed exceptionally well. It is very well built, reliable, easy to use and brings a new dimension to my practice and overall enjoyment of the game. I’ve been so impressed with the flexibility in setting drills and the range of power with ball speed and spin.

Paula Jarvis

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Danielle Petersen
I love my Spinshot Player

First time ball machine owner and I love my Spinshot Player. Kids like it very much. It takes some time to get the right setting in the phone app, but when you do it takes no time to build new routines. The shots are pretty consistent and any shot can be programmed, including lobes, slices, etc.


Worth every penny! This is by far the best purchase I've made for myself in a long time!! I take my Spinshot TennisPlayer Ball Machine out at night when the courts are empty and have some of the best training sessions while I'm out there. I no longer need to pay for hefty club memberships or private lessons from the club pro, so that's a plus. Already won 2 tournaments since seriously training with this machine and guys who used to beat me last year wonder how I've improved so quickly.

Prashant Rabinder
User friendly to have phone remote option

The Spinshot player is not only a great ball machine, but I was highly impressed with how they stand behind their product. I had a few minor issues arise and when I brought it to their attention they reacted instantly and resolved my issues with no questions asked. App control is great. The ability to customize drills on the app on demand and off network is the game changer for this category.