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Sports Attack "Attack" Volleyball Hitting Machine

Precision Repetition Training- The Attack volleyball machine, designed for the men’s game, will deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of serve receiving, digging and spiking. With two extra-wide throwing wheels, accuracy and repeatability are assured in every drill, eliminating time wasting errant hits.

Volleyball Machine Features

  • Release Point: 6' to 9'-3"
  • Serving Speed: 80+ MPH
  • Spiking ability at realistic angles
  • Accurate and consistent setting 
  • Meets requirements of all setting drills
  • Limited ball wear 
  • Horizontal throwing head movement allows ball delivery in any direction
  • Comes with wheels for portability
  • Fits in any SUV or standard size truck
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Safe operation
  • Throwing wheel: 10" diameter and 4" wide
  • 24″ wide x 83″-124″ tall
  • Includes 1 ball bag only.

Volleyball Machine Benefits

  • Greatly increases the skills of each player and as a team
  • More efficient team practice
  • Helps better prepare for the big game! 
  • Very portable and easy to setup!
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty

 With a variable spins, the Attack will throw both sharp topspin and breaking floaters to simulate match situations and is easily rolled along the serving baseline, changing the angle of serves. This unit, designed for the speed and height of the men’s game, will provide a realistic serve release point and can deliver a jump serve at international level speeds, up to 80 MPH. The locating pins on the shaft will allow you to instantly position the throwing head to men’s serving height.Spiking: The Attack delivers the ball at realistic angles from over the net at top speeds to make actual game conditions a part of every digging drill.


Setting: Providing rapid reps at varying intervals, the Attack will meet the requirements of all setting drills. Accurate and consistent soft sets with no spin are provided at any angle and height. This machine can be set to release the ball from a realistic setting height, not from floor level like some competitive units. The locating pins on the shaft will allow you to instantly position the throwing head down to the setting position.

Ball wear is extremely limited due to the two 4″ wide, soft white polyurethane ball gripping surfaces and the contoured shape of the ball throwing wheels that uniformly distribute the contact forces, eliminating the high wear contact points.

Horizontal throwing head movement allows the coach to point ball delivery in any direction, working straight on, in the seams or to an individual’s weak side to really extend any player’s range.


Vertical movement coupled with the horizontal movement, means the coach can instantly throw the ball to any point on the court, creating game situations & challenging the players to perform in progressively more difficult circumstances.

Portability: Locking casters provide instant mobility on the court and stability during use.

Storage: The Attack will fit through any standard door for safe storage. The throwing head can also be removed, allowing storage of the frame in the open gym. A machine cover is available separately and is used to protect and secure the machine during storage.

The Attack can be safely operated by any assistant coach, player, student or parent. This frees the coach to be by the receiving players to teach proper mechanics effectively. No more yelling across the court. It also allows the coach to improve the quality of standard drills and to create new machine drills for every phase of the game.

Thousands of college, high school, club and international men’s teams rely on the Attack machine to deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of jump serve receiving, digging, and spiking.



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  • Can you use this machine to toss balls to the setter so the setter can work on setting and is there a video?

    Hello, thank you for your interest in this product. Yes, according to manufacturer's information, this can be used for setting. As per a video sample, please visit the link below.

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