Sports Radar SR3800Pro-LS Long Range Sports Radar Speed Gun

Sports Radar SR3800Pro-LS Long Range Sports Radar Speed Gun

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SR3800Pro-LS Long Range Sports Radar Speed Gun 

The SR3800-ULS is beneficial for
Forklifts in a quite environment these are always close to the radar but max range not to exceed 100’.
Trains max distance of 2,640’
Slow moving ships range up to 1,320’
Small boats of metal construction range up to 750’
Fiberglass boats dependant on reflectivity max range is 500’.
Plus several other uses.
Sports Radar is the pioneer of the Hands Free Mode which allows an individual to read the speed of various targets for training purposes without another person being present. Our Data Port is a feature not found on any other radar gun in this class. The Data Port enables the use of our large displays for remote viewing or for connection to a PC/Laptop for statistics tracking. The SR3800 is the best price/performance mid radar gun available.


  •  SR3800-Pro:
  • Speed Range: 1-2.0 to 60.0 MPH
  • Trigger Mode: Pull and release get the speed, Pull and hold unit will beep when pitch and plate speed are taken. Display will toggle Pitch and Plate speeds twice.
  • Continuous Mode: display's the fastest speed seen then waits approx 0.5 seconds or 2.5 seconds (user selectable) and is ready to read again.
  • Lightweight high impact resistant design
  • Point and Shoot technology
  • Accuracy/Resolution +/- 1/2 (0.5) MPH 
  • Displays speeds in MPH or Km/H
  • Trigger or Continuous modes
  • Tripod Mount
  • Data Port
  • External Power Jack
  • Audio Indicator
  • Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)
  • Battery Operating Life:  Up to 12 hours of continuous use, up to 60 hours in trigger mode.
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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