Tennis Court Covers By FieldSaver®

Tennis Court Covers By FieldSaver®

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Tennis Court Covers

Serve up some protection to help defend your outdoor tennis court from the elements. Ideal for protection in the off-season, or during your off-days. Weather and foot traffic are the main culprits for wear and tear on the court. But with our lightweight, easy-to-install and removable tarps, you get durable protection that can stand up against anything served on your court.

FieldSaver® waterproof tennis court covering system gives your tennis surface an extra layer of protection to help increase its longevity. Our tennis court covering is specially designed to overlap at the net line.

Court Cover Features

  • Standard 54' x 60' size
  • 18 oz. Vinyl
  • Pull handles at 10' - 12' intervals
  • Grommets at 3' for fastening to soft courts