Tennis Head 2090 Precision Calibrator

Tennis Head 2090 Precision Calibrator

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2090 Precision Calibrator

The 2090 is a sophisticated tool for use with any stringing machine to measure the accuracy of your tension head. It can be used with an electronic or manual puller. It displays in kilos or pounds and shuts itself off when it is not in use for more than 1 minute.

How to use the calibrator: 

Mount a racket on your machine. Cut a short length of string (even scrap will do). Pass the string through to the racket clamp furthest from the racket then loop it into one of the links in the 2090. Place the 2090 in the center of the not-strung racket. Use another small piece of string and pass it through the other link and to the open jaws of the gripper. This is done so the 2090 does not sag and present an inaccurate reading. Compare the 2090 reading to the setting on your machine. Adjust your machine if necessary.