Titan Hydra™ M 2000 Hydraulic Airless Spray

Titan Hydra™ M 2000 Hydraulic Airless Spray

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Hydra™ M 2000 Hydraulic Airless Spray

A World-Class Workhorse - Hydras feature more horsepower and ultra-high capacity hydraulic systems for constant use in multiple gun applications. HYDRAS™ are designed to spray most ultra-heavy coatings on commercial, industrial and roofing projects.

Sprayer Features

  • Built for the really tough jobs!    
  • Longest slowest stroke for maximum life    
  • Ultra-high capacity hydraulic system keeps its cool in the harshest conditions    
  • Hand-tight cylinder and foot valve for quick and easy maintenance    
  • Severe service 500 hard chrome piston and cylinder for extra long life    
  • Spring-loaded self-adjusting UHMWPE packing system eliminates premature wear from over-tightening

Sprayer Specifications

  • Gas Engine: 13 HP Honda® Elec Start
  • Max Tip Size: 1 gun - .07", 2 guns - .053"
  • Max Delivery: 6.0 GPM
  • Max Operation Pressure: 2.000 PSI
  • Cycles Per Gallon: 7

Click Here To Download The Hydra™ M 2000 User Manual