Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

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360 Stopwatch

As a coach, official or trainer, you need a stopwatch; and this Ultrak 360 Stopwatch is the one you'll want this year. Loaded with extras, the Ultrak 360 recalls times forwards and backwards during or after operation. Also, has 30 dual split recallable memory as well as lap and cumulative splits. Electro-luminescent backlight display, a continuous display of event time, and a large 2-row display. Has time, calendar and daily alarm. Measures to 10 hours. Water-resistant. Comes with lithium battery. If you're involved in track, swimming or other timed sports, you can count on the Ultrak 360 Stopwatch.


  • 30 dual splits recallable memory
  • Lap and cumulative splits
  • Recalls times forwards and backwards during or after operation
  • Electro-luminescent display
  • Continuous display of event time
  • Large 2 row display
  • Measures to 10 hours, time and calendar
  • Daily alarm and water resistant
  • Comes with lithium battery