Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Best Tennis Stringing Machines

The Best Tennis Stringing Machines 

There is no sense bringing your tennis racket to the local tennis shop every time you pop a string or a string loosens.  Even if you don’t pop a string often, you will eventually reach the point at which you can benefit from tighter racket strings.  Resist the temptation to lean on others for racket stringing, embrace this challenge on your own and you will rest easy knowing you can re-string your racket whenever desired from the comfort of home in a DIY (do it yourself) manner.  There is simply no sense in paying your hard-earned money to the local tennis shop and wasting gasoline driving to and from the shop when you can re-string your racket on your own whenever necessary.  

No two tennis stringing machines are exactly the same.  Some such machines are loaded with special features while others are comparably plain.  Some are mobile while others are more stationary.  Certain tennis stringing machine are designed with beginners in mind while others are more complex.  Add in differences in terms of type, price, size and ergonomics and there is even more to consider.  

We’ve taken into account all of these factors and compiled then in an easy to read top 10 guide with a buyer’s guide at the end.

Let’s take a look at the top tennis stringing machines on the market to help you select the one best for your needs and preferences.  Below, we also provide some insight in regard to the top considerations to ponder before moving forward with the purchase of a new tennis stringer.

The Top 10 

1. Gamma XLT 

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The Gamma XLT is widely regarded as one of the top tennis racket stringing machines on the market.  This stringer is of the table-top variety.  Whether you are a casual tennis player or own a tennis racket/stringing shop, you will find the Gamma XLT surpasses your expectations.  This is a streamlined tennis racket stringing machine complete with computerized control.  The control board has nine specific memory settings, hitch capacity, varied pulling speeds, pressure changes, pre-stretch and several other features.  The Gamma XLT’s light aluminum expulsion foundation is solid and reliable.  The cinches and 6-point mount framework are designed to hold strings firmly to create the optimal level of tension.  

The Gamma XLT’s features include:

  • Fixed swivel clamp
  • Electronic constant pull
  • Base accommodates the convenient storage of tools 
  • 6-point mounting system ensures tight string placement with minimal pressure 
  • Option of adding a customized cover for maintenance 
  • Fast string installation 
  • Includes universal string 
  • Self-locking adjustment clamps

Invest a little bit of time practicing stringing your tennis racket with this bad boy and you will agree it is easy to use, designed with high-quality materials and can be mastered by racket stringers of any level.  

2. Kippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

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This tennis racket stringer features a 2-point mounting system.  Whether you are a tennis expert, a newbie or fall somewhere in between these two extremes, you will find this machine is fairly easy to use.  Invest a little bit of time overcoming the brief learning curve and you will be more than happy with your Kippermate stringer.  

The Kippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine’s features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sold with tools included
  • Comprehensive stringing instructions also included
  • 2-point mounting system can be mastered by anyone willing to learn
  • Tension range between 90 pounds and 20 pounds
  • Light in weight for easy transportation
  • Includes two floating clamps, an awl and pliers
  • No assembly required
  • Accommodates a machine stand

This stringer is especially attractive to beginners as it has a 2-point mounting system.  Though you probably won’t master the subtleties of this stringing machine within mere minutes, you should get the hang of it within a couple stringing sessions.  Just be sure to follow the instructions included with the machine and you will find it works to perfection.  The only caveat is you will have to find a solid surface to rest the machine on as it is of the table-top variety.  Put in a couple practice rounds with the set of strings provided with the unit and you will get the hang of stringing on the Kippermate in surprisingly little time.

3. Gamma X-2 Tennis Stringing Machine 

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This electric tennis racket stringing machine is high-tech, reliable and made with the user experience in mind.  Though some criticize the Gamma X-2 for wobbling during the stringing process, you can overcome this slight shortcoming by using it on a solid surface. 

The Gamma X-2’s features include:

  • Digital panel for easy tension adjustment
  • Tools included: Straight pliers, hex wrench set, straight awl and pathfinder awl
  • 9 memory settings
  • Conveniently read string tension both in terms of lbs. and kg
  • Display shows pull speed, knot function, pre-stretch and diagnostic check
  • Built from steel and aluminum for prolonged longevity
  • Drawers within the base
  • Hands-free operation
  • Electric
  • Range between 90 lbs. and 9 lbs.

A large part of what separates this tennis racket stringer from others is the fact that it is electric.  Many of those who have used this machine insist it is the best on the market for those who would like to re-string their racket at home.  Check out the machine for yourself and you will find it has plenty of options, most of which you will find quite useful.  An added bonus is that each of the tools fits nicely within the internal tool tray and drawers.

4. Gamma Progression II 602FC Tennis Stringing Machine 

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Are you looking for a tennis racket stringer with a large tension range and an engraved weight scale?  If so, the Gamma Progression II 602FC is worth your consideration.  Featuring a 6-point mount system, this stringer is one of the most secure around.  

Features include:

  • Tension range between 90 lbs. and 8 lbs.
  • Self-locking knob
  • Clams coated in diamond
  • Clamps swivel 360 degrees
  • Self-locking knob keeps the clamps in place
  • Includes the following tools: Razor knife, straight pliers, straight awl, Pathfinder and hex wrenches
  • Dual string clamps are used with ease

This stringer holds its frame in place with ease.  Give it a chance with your racket’s strings and you will rave about its accuracy and precision.  This machine works with all different types of strings yet delivers the same consistent quality.  Pop open the machine’s internal tool tray and you will find more than enough space for all of your tools and accessories.  Above all, tennis players favor this machine as it is not fixed onto anything stationary, meaning it can be moved with ease without sacrificing functionality and stringing quality.

5. Gamma X-6 Stringer Machine 

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This racket stringer is designed with a drop weight strain instrument designed for hanging rackets.  There is even a wrench gripper covered in precious stones that holds onto the strings without inflicting even the slightest damage. 

The machine’s features include:

  • 6-point mounting system 
  • Expulsion base made of light aluminum
  • Exact tensioning
  • No maintenance required

This is a tennis stringing machine with true mass appeal.   Give it a try for yourself and you will agree it has a nearly flawless design that helps tennis players re-string their rackets in a timely manner with as minimal stress and frustration as possible.

6. Gamma Progression II 200 Tennis Stringing Machine


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When it comes to tennis stringing machines for beginners, few compare to the Gamma Progression II 200.  This is an accurate stringing machine that re-strings racket strings to just the right tension without a significant investment of time or effort. 

The Gamma Progression II 200 stringing machine’s features include:

  • Turntable rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Range between 90 lbs. and 8 lbs.
  • 2-point mounting system that ensures the frame remains in place
  • Includes a helpful tutorial
  • Open string pattern
  • Works for tennis, squash, badminton and racquetball rackets
  • Tools accompany the stringing machine including hex wrenches, straight pliers, Pathfinder and straight awl

This drop weight machine makes it easy to string your racket, providing 360 degree flexibility.  The machine even comes with the US Racket Stringers Association guide that makes it easy to master the stringing process without oversight from a professional.  Purchase a floor stand and cover separately and you will have a truly comprehensive tennis racket stringing machine that you genuinely enjoy using and showing off to fellow friends who enjoy tennis.

7. Gamma Progression II ELS Tennis Stringer 

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Those on the prowl for a tennis racket stringing machine with an extensive range of settings will find it in the Gamma Progression II ELS Tennis Stringer.  Featuring a wide array of tension settings, this stringing machine can handle as many rackets as you need re-stringed.  The machine’s mounting system has six contact points.  

Additional features of the Gamma Progression II ELS tennis stringer include:

  • Rotational gripping device for string
  • Surface is diamond-coated
  • Firm grip for the best possible re-stringing 
  • 360-degree turntable
  • Locking mechanism and rotational ability facilitate working at all angles
  • Several tools included to enhance the challenge of re-stringing
  • Capable of hands-free operation with the use of a foot pedal
  • Quick-action swivel clamps
  • Internal tray accommodates tools
  • Control pull tensioner electronically between 90 lbs. and 11 lbs.

Nearly everyone who uses this tennis racket stringing machine agrees it is well-built.  Highlighted by solid construction sure to stand the test of time, this machine is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

8. MiStringer Tennis Stringing Machine 

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When it comes to versatile tennis racket stringing machines, few compare to the MiStringer.  This is a lightweight stringing machine, weighing a mere six pounds, meaning it can be moved throughout the entirety of your living or working space with ease. 

Features include:

  • 6-point fixed mounting system
  • No calibration required
  • Optimal string tension in a mere 30 minutes
  • Compact design
  • Superior portability
  • An industry-best tension puller

Give the MiStringer’s pressure puller a try and you will find it is quite easy to use.  Put in a few stringing practice sessions on this machine, gradually increase your speed and you will have few, if any complaints about the machine’s functionality and design.  So don’t be dismayed if you don’t get the hang of the stringing process on the first try.  Continue to practice and you will find this stringing machine really does make it easy to string your racket to perfection in surprisingly little time.  However, there is a caveat in that this stringing machine is not optimal for oversized rackets.  This machine was designed with comparably small rackets in mind.

9. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine 

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This stringing machine is revered far and wide for its quality, design and precision.  The machine works with a 6-point contact system. 

Features include:

  • Self-leveling instrument holds the strings perfectly 
  • Octagonal turntable complete with a locking component
  • 360-degree rotational flexibility
  • Creates tension between 102 lbs. and 9 lbs.
  • Double activity fixed clips works in unison with the leveling instrument

Though you will have to physically exert yourself to apply spring pressure with this springhead machine, it works as designed.  Give the machine a try and you will agree it really does generate the optimal strain level in surprisingly little time.  There is even a strain scale aligned for both pounds and kilograms, making it clear as to exactly how much strain results from the pressure system.

10. Gamma X-ST Stringer Machine

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Out of all the Gamma X tennis racket stringing machines, the X-ST is widely regarded as the best of the group.  A large part of what makes this machine different is its manual hanging.  As long as you are willing to invest a little bit of sweat equity to perform restringing with this machine, it is well worth the effort.  The end result is a stringing that is exact in terms of tension and other subtleties.  

Gamma X-ST features include:

  • 6-point contact mounting system
  • Sturdy aluminum base
  • Straight string gripper along with a rotational string guide
  • Patented rotational string guide

Though it might take you a little bit of time to get a sense of how to best use this hanging tennis racket stringing machine, it is worth the effort.  Those who have not yet stringed a racket before might find this stringer a bit intimidating.  However, as long as you are willing to invest a little bit of time and effort learning how to use the Gamma X-ST Stringer, you will agree it is worth the money and then some.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tennis Stringer 

Unless you are a tennis veteran, you likely assume most tennis racket stringing machines are fairly similar.  However, the more research you do into these machines, the more you will learn about their nuances.  Aside from variances in price, these machines also differ in terms of weight, mobility, stringing mechanics, warranty, clamps and other subtleties.  

Table-top vs Standalone

The table-top models are ideal for tennis players who want to move their machine from one part of their home, business or other space to another.  The table-top stringer can be picked up and moved with ease.  You can even transport your table-top stringing machine in your vehicle without a significant amount of effort or time.  Though this type of tennis stringer is not exactly light in weight, it is designed with the user experience in mind.  As long as you have a work space, a table and a strong surface, you will find stringing your tennis racket with a table-top stringer is quite easy.  Alternatively, the standalone stringer model, also referred to as the upstanding model, is less mobile but comparably sturdier.  

In the end, the decision you make in regard to table-top versus standalone hinges on whether you would like to move your stringing machine around your home or business or if you would prefer that it remain in an upright position.  If you want to move the machine around your living space or working space you will need a table-top version.  You can use this type of machine on any type of stable surface, be it a desk, table, etc. 

Standalone tennis stringing machines are comparably sturdy in that they stand upright on their own.  This variety of stringing machine is commonly favored as it allows for faster stringing.  Add in the fact that most people agree the standalone style feels more comfortable as it permits standing during use and there is even more reason to consider it.  However, the drawback to the standalone variety is it is typically more expensive than the table-top variety.

Mounting Systems 

Tennis racket stringing machines have mounting systems that are either 2, 4, 5 or 6-points.  These numbers refer the machine contact with the casing.  Machines that are either 2-point or 4-point make contact with the throat/head areas, making it that much quicker and also reducing the potential spaces for string entanglement as well as reducing blocked openings.  If you are searching for something more structurally sound, consider 6-point mounting that provides a protected fit with minimal casing bending, especially at the sizable edges.  

Keep in mind, the fewer supports built into the stringer, the more distortion will occur along the racket frame.  There will be additional stress added to the racket frame during the stringing process.  This has the potential to be quite problematic for especially large rackets.  The moral of the story is those who are unsure as to whether they will be more comfortable with added stability should err on the safe side by opting for either a 4-point or 6-point system for additional stability.  We would be remiss not to mention that additional features are available to add rubber or plastic surfaces to safeguard the finish and adjustable mounts.


Clamps are used to hold the string in position after it is properly tensioned.  Both fixed clamps (no swivel or swivel) and floating/flying clamps are available.  Floating clamps are not connected to the machine, mandating the use of a string to hold another’s tension.  Floating clamps are typically used in basic stringing machines that appeal to novice tennis players.  Floating clamps are affordable yet they do not provide the same consistency in terms of tension as fixed clamps.  

Swiveling clamps glide along a bar system below the racket to ensure the string is consistent and is repositioned when segueing from mains to crosses.  Swiveling fixed clamps are capable gliding along such a system yet they do not rotate a full 360 degrees.  However, swiveling fixed clamps are by far the easiest to use.  As long as you don’t mind paying a premium for fixed swiveling clamps, you will find they exceed your expectations. 

Crank or Electrical

Hand crank tennis racket stringing machines, also referred to as the lockout type, rely on a switch for operation.  There is also the option of an electric tennis racket stringer, also referred to as the constant pull variety.  Opt for the hand crank type of system and it will function with a switch that pulls on the string until it is the perfect tightness.  

Once the targeted strain is reached, the string is bolted in place with a spring-stacked mechanism.  This design ensures the string extends and also relaxes as necessary.  Opt for the electrical variety and the string will be pulled to your selected strain and continue to pull while the string stretches to maintain the optimal level of pressure all the way up until the point at which the string cinches.  

Why do You Need a Stringing Machine?

Even if you are a tennis newbie, you should know your tennis strings will not last forever.  There will eventually come a time when you desire tighter racket strings to up your game to the next level.  It does not make sense to burn through your time and money paying someone to re-string your racket locally when you can do the re-stringing on your own at home.  Add a stringing machine to your home and you will be able to re-string your racket whenever desired, ensuring you play up to your potential on the court.  The end result will be a considerable savings of both time and money.

Tennis Stringing Machine Warranty

In terms of the warranty, it is in your interest to to make sure there is a solid manufacturer’s warranty, at least a few years.  Consider the warranty’s extent both in regard to replacement parts and repairs, potential turnaround time, the cost of shipping and other details.  The length of the machine’s warranty is particularly important.  However, as long as you handle the stringing machine properly, it should hold steady as time progresses, serving you well for years into the future.  When in doubt, refer to the instruction manual for guidance.


Though you won’t find as many tennis racket stringing machines at the local sporting goods store as baseball bats, fishing rods and other more popular items, there are still plenty of options on the market.  Take some time to consider what you really need in a stringing machine, read through the reviews of the machines at the top of your list and ask those in your tennis circle about the machines they favor.  Take your time when sorting through the different machines, get a sense as to which one is optimal for your unique needs and find the one that you are most comfortable with.  Choose wisely and the tennis racket stringing machine you select should serve you well for years to come. 


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