Top 6 Best Volleyball Machines of 2023

Top 6 Best Volleyball Machines of 2023

The 6 Best Volleyball Machines 


 If you play or coach volleyball, you can benefit from a volleyball machine.  Don’t be intimidated by the size of volleyball machines, as ome of these machines are surprisingly easy to move in and out of vehicles and through doorways.  Buy a volleyball machine and you will be able to practice all different types of shots ranging from sets to serve reception, spikes and more.  Let’s take a look at the top volleyball machines on the market.

1. Skill Attack 

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The Skill Attack volleyball machine is ideal for individual players.  The machine provides a release point around five feet as opposed to from floor level, making it quite unique compared to other volleyball machines.  The machine is designed with younger volleyball players in mind, making it easy for them to practice on their own at home or, alternatively, at school or at a competitive club.  

Features include:

  • 40 MPH serve speed
  • Spike from same side of the net
  • Spin settings include floaters and top spins
  • Instant location control
  • Small and agile for easy portability
  • Can easily be broken down to fit within your car’s trunk
  • Rolls across the serving baseline with ease
  • Alter the angle of serves as desired
  • Reps can be set at your preferred interval
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • 36″ wide x 72″ tall x 40″ deep

The bottom line is if you are looking for a volleyball machine that provides thousands of reliable reps, the Skill Attack will serve you well.  This machine is certain to help you improve your digging, receiving and setting.  

2. Total Attack 

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The Total Attack is designed with three-wheels to permit easy portability and elite functionality.  This world-class volleyball machine was made with the guidance of the top collegiate and international volleyball coaches in the world.  The machine provides the power and sidespin necessary for practice at the highest possible level of play.  

Features include:

  • Ball release point range between 9’6” and 6’3”
  • Ball serving speed of 90 miles per hour or more
  • Allows for spiking over both men and women’s nets
  • Spin options range from floaters to breaking sidespin and top spin
  • Small enough to fit through regular doorways and standard size pick-up trucks and SUVs
  • Limited ball wear thanks to the elite ball gripping surface
  • Horizontal throwing movement makes it easy for coaches to deliver the ball in all directions
  • Alter the three wheels’ speed dials to change the plane of the ball delivery as desired
  • 16-gauge diamond plate ensures reliable footing
  • Wide base provides unparalleled stability
  • Rapid recovery and rapid repetition minimizes downtime
  • Powder-coated frame with rust-resistant tubing for enhanced durability
  • Ball throwing wheels driven by two powerful motors
  • Dimensions of 36” in width at the widest point, height of 86” to 127” and depth of 53”
  • Can be configured to fit through 3’ doors
  • Throw wheel is 4” wide and 10” in diameter
  • Platform height of 37.5”

Those on the prowl for a volleyball machine that provides thousands of reps over and over without even the slightest malfunction will be more than satisfied with this volleyball machine.  The extra wide wheels combined with its accuracy make it nearly the perfect volleyball machine.

3. Attack 2 

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The Attack 2 is specifically made for female volleyball players.  This machine provides thousands of reps in practice sessions, helping you and your team improve your spiking, digging and receiving.

Features include: 

  • Two super wide throwing wheels
  • Repeatability and accuracy are guaranteed in all drills so you don’t spend time tracking down errant balls
  • Serving speed upward of 70 miles per hour
  • Ball release range between 8’6” and 5’6”
  • Spin options include floaters and top spin
  • Instant location control
  • Designed with portability in mind – fits through doors and into SUVs/pick-up trucks
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Rolls along the baseline with ease to alter serve angles
  • Delivers volleyballs at realistic angles
  • Can be set to deliver balls from specific heights as opposed to the floor
  • Shaft’s location pins allow you to position the throwing head in your desired position
  • Minimal ball wear thanks to the two 4” uber-soft polyurethane ball gripping surfaces along with ball throwing wheels with contoured shapes
  • Locking casters allow for instant mobility and superior stability
  • Removable throwing head permits easy and convenient frame storage
  • 24” width, height of 112” to 79” depending on head position and 47” in depth
  • Platform height of 24”
  • Throwing wheel size of 4” in width and 10” in diameter
  • Rapid recovery allows for one volleyball to be served up after another, guaranteeing you and your team don’t waste time standing around waiting for the delivery of additional volleyballs. 
  • Both vertical and horizontal movement make it easy for coaches to throw the ball to all points on the court

Choose the Attack 2 volleyball machine and you will have joined thousands of high schools and colleges across the nation that rely on this machine for their practices.  This is clearly one of the best machines for college volleyball teams.   

4. Attack 

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This machine is specifically designed for the men’s game.  Give the Attack a try and you will find it provides thousands of reps with pinpoint accuracy, providing you and your team with the opportunity to practice spiking, receiving serves and digging.

Features include:

  • Extra wide throwing wheels
  • Guaranteed repeatability and accuracy in all drills
  • Release point between 9’3” and 6’
  • Serve speed of 80 miles per hour or more
  • Adheres to requirements of setting drills
  • Causes minimal ball wear
  • Fits in standard doorways, sport utility vehicles and trucks
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Variable spins provide you with the opportunity to receive breaking floaters and topspin to simulate actual match play
  • Meets requirements for all types of setting drills
  • Can release volleyballs from realistic heights as opposed to strictly floor level
  • Transition to setting position with ease thanks to the locating pins along the shaft
  • Minimal ball wear
  • Easy to move thanks to its locking casters
  • Removable throwing head makes it that much easier to store the unit
  • 24” in width, 124” to 83” in height
  • Throwing wheel is 4” in width and has a diameter of 10”

Give the Attack a try for yourself and you will find it is one of the easiest volleyball machines to operate.  Whether you are a student, parent, coach or an everyday person looking to get into volleyball, you will master this machine’s learning curve during the first use.  In fact, the Attack is used by high school, college and club volleyball teams across the country.

5. Air Cat 

Air Cat marketers claim the volleyball machine is the future of the sport’s training.  The Air Cat uses Consistent Air Technology to ensure completely accurate ball tosses.  Whether you are looking to improve your individual skills or enhance your teamwork through team drills, the Air Cat makes it possible.  

Features include:

  • Automatic, battery-powered operation
  • Passes upwards of 1,200 balls in a single hour
  • The machine’s air mechanism extends volleyball lifespan
  • Enhanced safety as there are no exposed moving parts or spinning wheels
  • Provides the opportunity to practice drills ranging from serve reception to setting, digging, blocking and hitting
  • Provides game-like repetitions for skill training on offense and defense
  • Ball feeder holds 10 balls at once for constant feeding
  • Controlled through a wireless remote control 
  • Battery lasts for four consecutive hours of cord-free operation
  • Wheels can be locked, making it easy to set up and move
  • Angle can be adjusted with ease to shift from one drill to the next

The Air Cat makes it that much easier for coaches to focus on teaching and training as opposed to tossing volleyballs.  In short, the Air Cat is the perfect machine to efficiently enhance skills, setting the stage to propel players’ games to new heights.

6. Volleyball Tutor 

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The Volleyball Tutor Silver model sends volleyballs at a speed up to 60 miles per hour.  Opt for the Silver Pro Model and this speed jumps to 75 miles per hour.

Features include:

  • High release point of 5’5”
  • Alter the trajectory downward for digs or upward for serves and sets
  • Alter the topspin and underspin with easy to use dial controls
  • Fits through all standard size doorways
  • Large casters will not leave marks
  • Alter the trajectory between serves and sets
  • Automatic ball feeds deliver volleyballs at your selected intervals between 6 second and 20 seconds
  • Includes an Extended Ball Track to hold half a dozen volleyballs
  • Assemble and disassemble the Volleyball Tutor in mere minutes without the use of tools

Whether you coach volleyball at the high school or college level or simply want to improve your volleyball skills, you will find the Volleyball Tutor gets the job done.  This is a well-made volleyball machine that will stand the test of time, delivering volleyballs to you and your team in a steady and accurate manner.

Best Volleyball Machine Brands 

There are several volleyball machine brands yet a couple rise to the top.  Sports Attack makes some of the industry’s best volleyball machines.  Check out the reviews for Sports Attack volleyball machines and you will find they are clearly some of the best around.  Though these machines cost a considerable sum of money, they are well worth it as they hold strong after years of use.  

Additional volleyball machine brands include Sports Tutor and AirCat.  AirCat machines rely on air to send volleyballs in your direction as opposed to the wheels used by most other machines to generate power.  Read on further in this article to learn the differences between wheel powered and air powered volleyball machines. 

How to Pick the Right Volleyball Machine for You and Your Team 

Selecting the right volleyball machine for yourself and/or your team requires a focus on the details.  No two volleyball machines are exactly the same.  Some volleyball machines are specifically designed for men’s volleyball as opposed to women’s volleyball.  The best-made machines provide thousands of reps in practice sessions without even slightly faltering.  Most machines diversify these reps between receiving serves, spiking, setting and digging.  

Portability is particularly important.  The volleyball machine you use should have well-made, reliable, wide wheels and possibly even be collapsible for enhanced portability.  This type of build facilitates the movement of the machine throughout the gym and also to and from your vehicle.  

Above all, the volleyball machine you select for yourself or your team should prove accurate.  The delivery of the volleyball should be repeated uniformly, over and over again so you and your team don’t burn through your limited practice time tracking down errant volleyballs due to machine malfunction.  

Most volleyball machines are designed with variable spins that provide breaking floaters and sharp topspin to replicate situations you are likely to face in matches.  Be sure to check the speed of the machine’s serves to ensure it can deliver volleyballs at the same speeds you are likely to face in matches.  Above all, the machine should have different settings so you can benefit from reps at the specific intervals you have in mind.  

Don’t overlook the importance of storage.  The volleyball machine you buy should be able to easily fit through standard size doors for easy and safe storage.  In fact, some volleyball machines are equipped with removable throwing heads that permit the storage of the frame within open gyms.  Other machines even come with covers that secure and protect the machine while it is in storage.

What Kinds of Drills can the Machine Do?

Volleyball machines deliver volleyballs at specific locations and angles to help players practice all different types of shots.  From serve reception to digging, spikes, blocking, sets and beyond, volleyball machines are engineered to deliver volleyballs exactly where you want, ensuring you can practice whatever type of shot you have in mind over and over again without considerable downtime.  The best volleyball machines are built to provide players with an opportunity to participate in individual drills as well as team drills.

Ball Release Point

The ball release point is of particular importance.  Most volleyball machines can be adjusted so that the ball is released at specific heights and angles.  However, some volleyball machines are limited to delivery from ground level.  The cream of the crop provides ball delivery over the net from your selected height. A wide range of ball release points makes it that much easier for you to practice setting and spiking with the ball being delivered from your chosen height and angle.   If you are suspicious the volleyball machine you are eyeing might not deliver volleyballs to you at a realistic angle for a spike or set, do not hesitate to shift your focus to a machine designed for such realistic delivery.

What Kind of Spin can the Machine Do? 

Most volleyball machines provide varying spin levels.  After all, volleyball matches require players return shots that are hit their way with different types of spin.  This is exactly why the volleyball machine you select should have the option of setting specific spin types ranging from breaking floaters to sharp topspin, underspin and beyond.  It should be easy to adjust the spin exactly as you like.  So be sure to take a close look at the controls of the volleyball machine you have in mind before buying it.  If you feel as though the spin controls are unnecessarily complicated or will take time to adjust, move on to the next candidate and don’t stop searching until you find one that has intuitive spin controls.

Age and Skill Level for the Right Type of Machine 

Some volleyball machines are designed with players at certain skill levels in mind.  Whether you are a beginning volleyball player or play competitively at the high school, college or pro level, there is a volleyball machine available for your specific needs.  In fact, some volleyball machines are engineered to deliver volleyballs at a wide variety of heights, angles, speeds and spins, ensuring players of all skill levels can benefit from practicing with the machine.  

However, there are some volleyball machines on the market that are narrowly tailored toward a target audience of novices or, alternatively, competitive players at the high school or college level.  Be sure to take a close look at the features and suggested play level before committing to a specific volleyball machine.

Air Powered Vs Wheel powered Machines 

If you were to poll volleyball experts about volleyball machines, the vast majority would agree wheel powered volleyball machines are slightly superior to the air powered variety.  Wheel powered machines typically have a throwing head that pivots to deliver the ball to your specified court location with ease.  The wheel powered machines also typically feature easily adjusted tempo, speed and spin controls.  

Some machines have specialized throwing wheels designed with a unique shape that grips volleyballs with an even amount of pressure to reduce ball wear and tear.  Air propelled machines rely on air to deliver volleyballs exactly where you desire on the court.  This is possible thanks to the use of an air pressure system within the machine's metal frame that is usually encapsulated within a protective shell.  The logic in using compressed air is to eliminate the potential for wheels to malfunction, to minimize the wear and tear on volleyballs and provide consistent reps at all times.

Final Words

Take your time when researching the many different volleyball machines on the market.  Review the details of each volleyball machine listed above with your team and others who will use the machine.  Instead of opting for the cheapest volleyball machine, choose the one that has the features that best suit your team’s unique needs.


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