Top 9 Best Football Gauntlet Machines for This Upcoming Season

Top 9 Best Football Gauntlet Machines for This Upcoming Season

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Best Football Gauntlets

Football players need to power through pain, tough opponents, bad weather, and plenty of other conditions, it’s what makes the sport one of the roughest in the world. Grit and determination are sometimes classed as intangible skills that a player either has or doesn’t, but these skills can be trained. One of the best ways to train toughness is a football gauntlet machine.

Football gauntlet machines can be used to train every position and player but they are particularly useful for running backs and wide receivers who need to be ready to face hard hits as they attempt to carry the ball up the field. Some gauntlet machines also have sleds that allow linemen, and other defenders to work on driving, blocking, and hitting. Linebackers and other defenders will also develop useful skills running through the gauntlet’s “arms”.

It’s an important piece of equipment for a football program and a big purchase that you want to get right. So, we’ve compiled a list of the nine best football gauntlet machines to help guide you in your purchase.

Top 9 Best Football Gauntlet Machines

1. Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast

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Rogers Athletic is one of the best football equipment manufacturers and their 12-Arm gauntlet is one of the best bang-for-your-buck gauntlets on the market. Rogers has a whole line of Powerblast gauntlets, but this one is the most affordable, but it still has 12 arms which will be sufficient to train running backs, receivers, linebackers, and more.


  • Adjustable arm angle for different drill types
  • Arms have adjustable air pressure
  • Adjustable arm height, so you can use this gauntlet with multiple age groups
  • Removeable arms for easier storage

With these features, Rogers is clearly one of the premier gauntlet machine manufacturers on the market. Both coaches and players will benefit greatly from the customization options on this machine.

2. Rogers Open Field Tackle Machine w/ 80Lbs. Dummy

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Another Rogers machine, but this one targets different positions and skills. Rather than arms, this gauntlet has an 80-pound dummy in the middle. With this piece of equipment, you can safely train open field tackling and offensive lineman can use the machine for blocking practice. Players can learn the proper speed, angle, and force they need to use to bring down a player.


  • Large rollers that protect the machine in the long run
  • Overhead tube is made of galvanized steel
  • Choice of 50 or 80-pound dummy

This gauntlet machine is one of the best and safest ways for young players to learn the proper technique to tackle their opponent.

3. Rogers Big Brutus w/ 50Lbs Dummy

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This gauntlet machine is designed to work on footwork and hand placement for offensive and defensive lineman other players that will block or engage with opponents at the snap. Receivers can work on getting separation, defensive players on swimming around or evading their opponent, and offensive lineman on hand placement.


  • Train 1 or 2 players simultaneously 50-pound dummy makes this suitable for multiple age groups
  • This gauntlet machine shows the versatility of the piece of equipment and is great for programs that want to train specific skills.

4. Rogers 8-Pad PowerBlast with PowerLine Sled

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This is the first gauntlet machine on our list with a sled. So, this piece of equipment can be used to train offensive players to handle contact when carrying the ball and be used as a sled for offensive and defensive players. As opposed to arms, this gauntlet machine has pads that simulate heavier contact on a ballcarrier.


  • 2-man sled Can choose between arms or pads

This gauntlet is slightly pricier because it also has a sled, but this additional cost could be worth it in the long run as this machine doubles the number of drills you can do.

5. Fisher Athletic 12-Arm Power Blaster with Boomer Sleds

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Fisher Athletic also produces excellent gauntlet machines and other football equipment. This 12-arm model also has a 2-man sled with adjustable arms.


  • Arm height can be adjusted from 22' to 26' from the ground
  • Arm resistance can be adjusted from 25 to 250lbs resistance
  • Arm angle is also adjustable
  • Dimensions 60 1/2 wide x 79" tall x 74" deep.
  • Sled pad is made of high density, 100 lb., impact-resistant foam

This gauntlet machine is a premium piece of equipment that can be adjusted for customized drills, so your players will always be on their toes.

6. Fisher Smittys Gauntlet Machine Power Blaster Football Training Aid

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This gauntlet machine is specifically designed to train running backs and other ball carriers in ball protection. If your team is struggling with fumbles, this equipment targets that area perfectly.


  • Durable steel frame 6 adjustable arms (25-250 pounds resistance, tension)
  • Arms quickly snap back into place
  • Weight: 350 pounds

This gauntlet machine is perfect for training ball carriers, and if that’s all you need in a gauntlet machine then we highly recommend this product.

7. Fisher Power Blaster Gauntlet Football Training Machine

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This is another simple 12-arm gauntlet machine that is made with durable steel. This offers more resistance than the above 6-arm model, but it is bulkier and comes at a higher price point.


  • Durable steel frame 12 adjustable arms (25-250 pounds resistance)
  • Height 22”-26”
  • Weight: 640 pounds

If you want a bigger gauntlet machine that specializes in training ball carriers, then look no further than this machine from Fisher.

8. Fisher 20 FT. Power Frame with Hanging Dummy

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This compact gauntlet machine has two hanging dummies, so multiple players can be trained simultaneously in skills like hand placement, blocking, evasion, and more.


  • Beam height adjustable from 76" to 92" Steel construction

This frame allows you to choose how many dummies you want to hang up, so you have additional customization when designing drills.

9. Fisher 6-Arm Smitty's Blaster

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Another 6-arm gauntlet machine from Fisher made with original Smitty’s Blaster technology.


  • Adjustable arms (25-250 pounds tension, height, angle)
  • Made of heavy-duty steel

This machine is designed to target ball carriers and work on their ball protection. These types of machines can take lots of hits and wear and tear, but due to their sturdy construction, this machine can last a football program many years.

Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions we get about gauntlet machines and walk you through the most important considerations to make when you’re in the market for a gauntlet machine.

Why do I need a football gauntlet machine?

Gauntlet machines can give very targeted practice in very important skills for different positions on the football field. They also provide this practice in a controlled and safe environment. For example, there’s no better and safer way to train a running back to protect the ball and reduce fumbles than a gauntlet machine with arms. Additionally, the larger gauntlet machines are very versatile pieces of equipment that you can use for targeted practice for multiple positions. Linemen, linebackers, corners, receivers, even quarterbacks can gain a lot from gauntlet drills. Generally, gauntlet machines train toughness, tenacity, and drive, skills every football player needs to succeed on the gridiron.

Training Capability

Football gauntlet machines can train many skills. It is most associated with training running backs in ball protection, but depending on the gauntlet machine, they can also be used to train receivers, all defenders, and offensive linemen. A gauntlet machine with arms or pads like the Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast is a great way to train receivers to drive through first contact after they make a catch. If a gauntlet machine has a hanging dummy, such as the Rogers Open Field Tackle Machine w/ 80Lbs. Dummy, defenders can practice wrapping up in the open field or making big hits. Offensive linemen can also train hand placement and explosiveness out of the snap if the gauntlet machine has a sled. What kind of training you want to do will impact what training gauntlet machine you buy, and it can replace multiple pieces of equipment.

Ease of Storage

The larger a piece of equipment is, the more difficult it can be to store, but some gauntlet machines have features that make them easier to store. For example, the Rogers 12-Arm Powerblast has removeable arms, which make it easier to take down and store. Smaller gauntlet machines can also be easier to store. The Fisher Smittys Gauntlet Machine Power Blaster Football Training Aid will be a breeze to store coming in at only 350 pounds.


Gauntlet machines are often one of the more expensive pieces of equipment you will buy for your football program, so you want to make sure they are built to last. All of our recommendations are made of high-quality materials and will be able to withstand the hard hits and wear and tear a piece of football equipment often faces. Most of Fisher’s gauntlet machines are made of durable steel like the Fisher Power Blaster Gauntlet Football Training Machine. Similarly, Rogers Athletic makes their equipment out of high-quality materials and deploys design elements that contribute to the longevity of their products.

Conclusion A football gauntlet is an important piece of equipment that adds variation to the drills you can run at practice. They are also a safe and effective way to train skills that are key to on field success. Whether you’re looking for a gauntlet that targets one skill like ball protection or tackling or you need a gauntlet system that hits on a myriad of skills, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Final Words

A football gauntlet is an important piece of equipment that adds variation to the drills you can run at practice. They are also a safe and effective way to train skills that are key to on field success.

Whether you’re looking for a gauntlet that targets one skill like ball protection or tackling or you need a gauntlet system that hits on a myriad of skills, there’s something on this list for everyone.


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